Apart from providing an excellent quality pet care and dog walking service, here are a few reasons why we think you should choose us to look after your pets:

  • Your pet remains in his or her safe, secure, environment where everything is familiar. Kennels and other boarding can be a very noisy, intimidating place for your pet. Home is the best place to ensure your pet is happy and feeling safe.
  • Your pet is not exposed to illnesses that may be spread in a boarding facility. Not to mention fleas! 
  • We don't transport your dog in order to walk them, they are walked from your door in familiar surroundings. This saves stress for your dog and allows more time for walking.
  • Your pet will receive love and attention whilst you are away. We will spend quality time with your pet, giving them affection, playing with them and taking them for walks. 
  • We think it is important to give every dog lots of love and attention during their walks and it is for this reason that we will only walk dogs from one household at a time. This is much safer than large group walks and means that your dogs will have more one on one time with our pet sitter. 
  • ​No stress of trying to get home for a certain time to pick your pet up from a boarding facility. Plus no additional costs or stress of traveling to and from boarding for you!
  • We will also water your plants, put your bins out, bring your mail in and give your home a "lived in" look whilst you are away. 
  • Plus, all of our staff members are huge animal lovers that will provide the best care for your pet. You can relax, knowing your pet is in good hands. 
  • All staff members are DBS checked too, for added peace of mind. 

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